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How It Works


Place a bounty on your GitHub issue.

Fund your Github issues with a monetary value. Funded issues are easy to spot on Github… Expert developers can search funded issues and apply to work immediately.  

You can post a single Issue or Multiple Issue within a single Bounty. For each issue you can setup a single price or set up separate pricing.

Fill all of the required fields, like the Title, GitHub Issue URL, and Project type. Then set a price in USD and fund the issue.

Interested Contributors will express their interest to work on the issue. 


View applicants and select a Contributor.

Find the right developer for the job. Read reviews and ratings to evaluate skills sets and expertise level of those applying for work. It’s like sorting through a pool of talented and vetted freelance developers, but easier! 

On the bounty detail page, you can view all applicants listed, review their profile, and read their application request. Select a Contributor & approve to allow him/her to start work on the Issue.




Review the pull request, approve, and pay.

When Contributors complete the work, they will submit the Work Approval request for you to review and approve the payment. As you approve the request GitCommits will charge the connected PayPal account to pay the agreed bounty amount to Contributor. There is no additional fee for Product Owners to post bounties.


Rate your Contributor

Letting other Product Owners know how your Contributor did is critical to maintaining our pool of expert developers. Please give your Contributor a star rating. We highly encourage also writing a few sentences about your experience with the Contributor. This helps other Product Owners make great choices in the future. 

Happy Product Owners


Happy Contributors

It's Easy To Get Started

Set up your GitCommits account

Connect your PayPal account

Integrate your Github account

Post a bounty and get work done!

Supported Project Types



Supported Permissions

Approval Required


No Fees to Post

There are no fees for Product Owners to post on GitCommits.

Verified Talent

No more interviews or long workflow processes. Just talented developers, all within one platform.

Pay When Job is Done

When the pull request is merged, payment is initiated through PayPal. No invoicing required.