Git work & git paid

Get paid instantly when your pull request is approved.

How It Works


Explore funded issues

Explore funded GitHub issues within one easy-to-use desktop platform. 

See one you’re interested in working on?  


Apply to work on issues

Quickly apply to work on the issue.  

Provide the Product Owner with your timeline for completion and ask any pertinent questions regarding the issue. 


Complete task and send for approval

Now it’s time to complete the job. 

Once finished, commit your code, and submit the pull request. 


Git paid immediately!

If the pull request is merged by the Product Owner, you get paid immediately through PayPal.  

No more submitting invoices or waiting for a new billing cycle to get paid.  

Just immediate bounties. 

Happy Product Owners


Happy Contributors

It's Easy To Get Started

Set up your GitCommits profile

Connect your PayPal account

Integrate your Github account

Browse, work, and collect bounty!

+ GitOffers extension for Chrome and Firefox

GitOffers extension allows developers to send the customized offer on any non-funded Git issue. It’s an extension available for Chrome and Firefox browser. That makes it easier to send the offer while you are browsing the git issues on GitHub. If the product owner accepts the offer offer becomes as bounty with the agreed amount. 

Some of the great features of GitOffers:

  • Send offer while you are browsing git issues.
  • Communicate with product owners via GitCommits.
  • You/Product owner can counter the offer.
  • No fee to send an offer