About GitCommits


A team of developers, who were deeply immersed in projects across numerous popular platforms, saw an opportunity when they created Git Commits.

After working on hundreds of projects, and seeing public projects improved because Contributors could fix issues, our Founder asked an important question:

“What if Product Owners could simply

add a bounty to Git issues

and let talented Contributors do the work and get paid?”

Happy Product Owners


Happy Contributors

At Git Commits, the key is bridging the gap between

Product Owners



Our platform revolutionizes the way these two groups work together, forever changing

how products evolve how work 'gits' done how developers 'git' paid

There are many sites where Product Owners can post work for hire. 


GitCommits syncs to GitHub to quickly and easily add a bounty to an issue or group of issues.
No reviewing applications or interviewing developers.

ANY developer in the world that happens to be browsing GitHub/BitBucket/etc. would be able to see your issue(s) and complete the work based on your details provided in the Git issue description/comments.

Eliminates invoicing / accounts payable / accounts receivable. 
Contributors are paid directly to their PayPal account instantly.