Frequently Asked Questions


Git is a system that tracks changes in source code throughout the software development process. This type of workflow ficilitates collaboration while tracking critical changes.

GitHub is a social network for coders. Since its creation, developers from all over the world have been able to build, learn, and improve existing code together.

On the GitCommits platform, a Product Owner is able to post and fund issues they need completed. A Product Owner can be an individual or an organization that needs development work completed.

Many Product Owners may have an existing Git repository with a backlog of issues. On GitCommits, these can be posted with a bounty!

On the GitCommits platform, a Contributor is a developer who is able to browse funded GitHub issues, and submit pull requests. Our platform allows developers to complete work and, once the pull request is merged, get paid their bounty.
Yes! You can sign up on GitCommits as both a Product Owner and Contributor.
Yes. A PayPal account is required for both Product Owners and Contributors. This significantly streamlines the payment processes for all parties.

Right now, GitCommits supports GitHub.

Soon, BitBucket and GitLab will be supported as well.

Product Owners

No. There are no fees to post issues on GitCommits.

On the GitHub platform, create an issue. Then, go to the ‘Fund an Issue” page within the GitCommits platform.
If you don’t like the code that’s been submitted, you DO NOT have to merge the pull request.

To create a great bounty that attracts the ideal Contributors, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Start small: focus on small but necessary tasks so you know how and when to scale.
  • Write a clear description: Include a checklist of requirements
  • Set a reasonable timeframe: Set a reasonable time and make sure your bounty reflects that. For example, if you have a complex issue with a fast-turnaround time, set your bounty higher to attract quick but quality work.
  • Set pricing appropriately: make sure your bounty reflects the requirements of the issue. If you aren’t sure, browse similar issues and their bounties to help you find your ideal price point.


Yes. Contributors pay a fee of 5% to GitCommits. The fees allows us to maintain the GitCommits platform, improve our app, and provide customer support to our users.  

You will also pay a PayPal fee for processing, which is based on your account rate with PayPal.

The total typically comes to ~8% – 10%. 

As you grow on the platform and process more orders, your rates with both GitCommits and PayPal can be lowered.

As soon as a Product Owner merges your pull request, you (a Contributor) get paid their bounty directly and immediately through PayPal.
Inherently, if an issue is available in the GitCommits issue browser, it has a bounty. Additionally, when browsing GitHub issues, you can see if a bounty has been placed in the issue notes.

There are two types of bounties: Traditional and Contest.

Traditional bounties have one worker, which means one person is paid.

Contests could have multiple workers, but only one Contributor walks away with the bounty.

Yes! Using the +GitOffers Extension available on Chrome and FireFox, Contributors can browse issues that haven’t been completed. If you find one that you want to complete, you can submit an offer with your desired bounty. If the Product Owner accepts, you can begin work.